Our small team is built upon passion, professionalism and providing our guests with the best experience possible! Beginning with our engineers who have spent much time developing and enhancing the aircraft to ensure your flight is a comfortable experience; our multi-talented pilots – foremostly for their piloting capabilities, who will also act as knowlegable reef guides and boat skippers; to our operations staff, who look forward to welcoming you with genuine enthusiasm and assisting to help make your experience top notch.

Air Whitsunday Historic Photos 1973


The company started operating in April 1973 from Happy Bay, Long Island instigated by commercial pilot, Kevin Bowe and his wife, Sue – with a single Lake Buccaneer amphibious aircraft.

Air Whitsunday Historic Photos 1975
Air Whitsunday Historic Photos


Increased demand for a more interactive experience at the Great Barrier Reef marked the introduction of the Reef Adventure Tour, providing guests the opportunity not only to fly over the GBR but also to connect with all its beauty and life under water.

Inside the protected and calm waters of Hardy Lagoon, guests could go reef walking and snorkeling. Today Air Whitsunday continues to operate the Reef Adventure Tour; however, reef walking is no longer permitted as protection of this natural wonder of the world is now an integral part of our operations.

Air Whitsunday Historic Photos 1982


The discovery of Heart Reef by one of our very own pilots has provided a focal point to Air Whitsunday popular scenic flights and showcases the diversity of the Great Barrier Reef.

Whitsunday Airport 1978


The operation outgrew Happy Bay and moved to the mainland to Whitsunday Airport, a short 10-minute drive from Airlie beach main street .

Air Whitsunday Historic Photos 1987


de Havilland Beaver DHC-2 – Our first aircraft on amphibious float was welcomed into the Air Whitsunday family.

Air Whitsunday Seaplane Tours 1992


Our first Cessna 208 Caravan β€œAlpha” entered into service. This modern turbine powered aircraft introduced extra luxury to our services by providing air-conditioned comfort and whisper quite flight.

Air Whitsunday Crew 2016

Present day

From May 2019 is operating out ofΒ Whitsunday Coast Airport that is the main gateway to the Whitsundays.
To this day Air Whitsunday is one of the leading seaplane operators in the Southern Hemisphere. We operate a seaplane fleet of classic De Havilland Beaver floatplanes and modern Cessna Caravans.