Our seaplane tours are the perfect accompaniment to your bareboating adventure in the Whitsunday Islands. After exploring the magnificent waterways of the region by boat, let us collect you direct from your yacht and soar you above to put in perspective the expansiveness of the Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef. We work closely with all local bareboating operators and your seaplane adventure can be booked either direct with your bareboat company or start a booking request below.

Preferred Yacht Pick Up Points

Suitable Whitsunday moorings and anchorages for a seaplane collection are dependant on weather conditions such as wind direction, speed and tide levels. Please find below our list of preferred pick up locations. Exact pick up location to be confirmed the day prior to departure.

Light Winds

Whitehaven Beach, Cid Harbour, Long Island, Langford Reef
Chance Bay, Cid Harbour, Langford Reef (wind strength dependant)
Cid Harbour, Langford Reef, Long Island and Stonehaven
Chance Bay and Whitehaven Beach (wind strength dependant)
All of the above


Reef Adventure - NOT OPERATING

Visit our private coral lagoon.

Outer Reef and Beach Scenic - NOT OPERATING

See it all from seaplane comfort.

Booking Request for Yacht Pick Up